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Principal's Desk

Welcome to Lala Rural College                           

It is my proud privilege to welcome each of you to the academic ambience of the college. An institution of higher education offers worlds of possibilities for the discerning students and a meaningful interaction with objects in and around is always hoped for in order to realize the aspirations that a new comer seeks. The college established way back in 1964 has been sincerely discharging the responsibilities of spreading the light of knowledge to a region where a good number of students are first generation learners. If there is a strong force that brings a change in the lives of such a class, it is education. It is our firm belief that your participation with the goal of acquiring knowledge will bring out the best in each individual, develop the personality in an ambience where class room teaching with judicious blend of other activities will help to explore that is best in each of you for the promotion of quality of life in the society of which we are a part.  



Lala Rural College, Lala

                                      It cannot be denied that we are on the threshold of vast changes in the educational scenario. In order to address those changes, the college has undertaken major programs through which we can rededicate ourselves to the mission with which the college was established. Dr. Kalam rightly said, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep. Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident”. To be a part of such objective, we need to be alert. An institution is a symbol and it is no profit to blame the world. The world will automatically change when we effect a change in our work, sincerity, dedication and behavior. In this direction, Swami Vivekananda rightly said, “Be determined not to curse any one or anything outside; not to lay blame upon any one outside, but stand up and lay the blame on yourself”.

                                      Nothing gives more satisfaction and joy than keeping a promise made to a child. We acknowledge our limitations and still, we are ready to welcome each of you with the belief that you will make us proud and carve out for you a niche in the days to come. Let the college be a cradle to nurture your hopes and aspirations, to enrich your views and opinions, shape your talent and broaden your vision. 


                                     Long live Lala Rural College.