Welcome to Lala Rural College's Central Library

  • Users are requested to carry their ID card every time they visit Library. Also, it is required for borrowing books from the Library. Users are advised to return the issued books to the Library on or before due date.
  • In case of delay in returning of books, an overdue fine of Rs. 5 per day per book will be charged. 
  • Books not returned for a long time would be considered lost. In case of lost books, the user has to either pay double the price of the book or replace the same title with a new book + Fine.
  • Renewal of books: one time to be renewed in a month. Periodicals / journals and reports are issued on only overnight basis. Books identified as reserved are issued for overnight only.
  • Request for photocopy is to be given to counter staff, who will help you get relevant material and then get pages photocopied. Photocopies can later be collected after paying directly.
  • Books cannot be renewed in continuation. However, exceptions will be made if the concerned book is not reserved in advance or no. of copies held are more than 10.


  1. Always carry your ID card when you visit the library
  2. Mark your attendance and purpose of visit at the Gate
  3. Keep your phone on silence mode or Switch off
  4. Keep your belongings outside the library at the baggage counter
  5. Please keep silence and maintain the decorum of the library
  6. Please follow library rules and guidelines and do not involve in any kind of Misconduct or inappropriate activities
  7. If found involved in any controversy, library team reserves all right to disallow anybody from the library
  8. Please wrap up and leave the library 10 minutes in advance before the closure.



  1. Don’t carry eateries and beverages inside the library premise. Smoking is strictly prohibited
  2. Don’t shout or disturb at your peers inside the library. In case of any complaint against any misbehavior, disciplinary action would be taken
  3. Don’t remove/unplug computer cables/connections, network cables and other Peripherals/accessories in the library
  4. Don’t cause damage to any resources inside the library (books, furniture or any other art piece). If you find any damaged books, please bring it to the notice of library staff on duty
  5. Computers installed in the library must only be used for accessing scholarly or academic activities.
  6. Don’t misplace books from the shelves. After reading, books may be kept in the Tables
  7. Don’t take out any resources outside the library without issuing. Reference books cannot be taken out
  8. Don’t shift/relocate library furniture
  9. Don’t bring any expensive items inside. Library would not be responsible for any lost or damaged items
  10. No audio/video recordings are allowed at the Library without permission/approval of the librarian.

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